Pauly Shore in Las Vegas

Pauly Shore in Las Vegas

Pauly Shore comments

Paul Montgomery Shore, The Weasel

(now 49 years old)

In a nutshell [edit]

Pauly Shore is an American actor best known for starring in a series of comedy films in the 1990s and hosting a video show on MTV in the late 80s and early 90s.

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Career Milestones [add new]

  • 1989
    became an MTV host, alongside Jeff Leiber
    2 !
  • 1991
    first comedy album, The Future of America named Best Comedy Album by the College Music Journalists
    5 !
  • 1992
    Starred in the critically panned Encino Man which earned him a Golden Raspberry Award
    -2 !
  • 1996
    starred opposite Stephen Baldwin in Bio-Dome, which was universally panned by mainstream critics, some of whom named it as their pick for worst film
    -2 !
  • 1997
    The premier of his new series Pauly on the Fox Network received ratings so low that the show was canceled the next day
    -5 !
  • 2000
    won the Razzie award for "Worst New Star of the Decade", but lost "Worst Actor of the Century" to Sylvester Stallone
    -6 !
  • 2005
    March 1: admitted that he is a recovering sex addict
    -2 !
  • 2005
    September 1: His reality show, Minding the Store canceled after ten episodes, because of low ratings
    -4 !

Notable Associates [add]

Stephen Baldwin