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Danny Ponce comments

Luis Daniel Ponce

(now 44 years old)

In a nutshell [edit]

Danny Ponce was an American actor, known for his role in Oh, God! You Devil, as well as bit parts in a few TV shows including Punky Brewster, Happy Days and Family Ties.

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Career Milestones [add new]

  • 1982
    starred as Jason Avery in TV series Knots Landing
    1 !
  • 1982
    first appearance on TV in an episode of Quincy M.E. as Aaron
    1 !
  • 1984
    appeared in two episodes of popular TV series Happy Days
    1 !
  • 1984
    starred in two Christmas specials of TV series Punky Brewster
    1 !
  • 1986
    starred as Willie Hogan in the TV series "Valerie"
    2 !
  • 1993
    appeared as Joey in tv movie "Love, Honor & Obey: The Last Mafia Marriage"
    1 !
  • 1998
    appears as Chicky in an episode of tv series Unhappily Ever After
    1 !
  • 2004
    March 1: client of acting agency called The Flytrap located in Los Angeles
    1 !
  • 2005
    October 1: marries Rachel Swan
    0 !
  • 2006
    wife gives birth to first daughter
    0 !
  • 2008
    wife gives birth to first son
    0 !

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