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In a nutshell [edit]

Arsenio Hall is an American actor and comedian best known for his talk show The Arsenio Hall Show and for his roles in the films Coming To America and Harlem Nights.

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Career Milestones [add new]

  • 1986
    voiced Winston Zeddemore in the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters
    1 !
  • 1988
    co-starred in the comedy film Coming to America with Eddie Murphy
    7 !
  • 1989
    January 2: began hosting talk show The Arsenio Hall Show
    5 !
  • 1989
    November 17: starred in Harlem Nights with Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor
    3 !
  • 1992
    June 1: presidential candidate Bill Clinton performed a rendition of Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel on the saxophone during his appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show
    5 !
  • 1994
    May 27: The Arsenio Hall Show was cancelled
    -4 !
  • 1997
    starred in his own sitcom called Arsenio which only lasted 6 episodes
    -2 !
  • 1999
    starred in Martial Law with Sammo Hung
    1 !
  • 2003
    hosted the revival of Star Search
    2 !
  • 2004
    March 1: made a cameo appearance as himself in Chappelle's Show in March 2004, when Dave was imagining "what Arsenio is doing right now" in a dinner scene. It showed Hall at a wine party eating some cheese and saying, "Damn! That's some good-ass cheese!"
    1 !
  • 2008
    February 1: filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, listing $765 in assets and debts in excess of $190,000
    -10 !

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